Thursday, February 19, 2015


It would be a few more days until I'll be walking up the stage to receive the diploma congratulating me for the thirteen years I've spent in school.  Thirteen years spent trying to find who I am and what makes me happy. I'm always trying to join so much activities to accomplish these two goals. I've done a lot of activities in High School, but I am most grateful for the Xavier School VOYC Modeling segment. Most would think it would be "too much" to start practicing on October for a Fashion show on February, but it just exposes the desire to make the show worthwhile. What makes it better is that all the proceeds go to a charity. Doing something so fun while giving back? It's crazy. I grew up a lot in that multi-purpose hall, where we always had practices. Each year was a transition from that semi-shy, purely awkward girl to the person I am today. Each year was always full of practices, which taught me how to have discipline, decision-making skills, and passion and drive in everything I do. Each year, they gave me confidence and gave me worth to dream the dreams I have now. 

Both on the day itself and the day before, I felt extremely happy yet extremely sentimental. I wouldn't exchange all my experiences with anything. The whole experience isn't all about gaining confidence by routinely practicing how to walk and whatnot, it's about finding yourself and growing as a person amidst people who believe in you. It pained me to see the faces of the people I had spent every week with to suddenly leave. Maybe the circumstances changed, but the memories I have with them don't. Seeing my friends after the show also warmed my heart. They have supported me since day one and I didn't know how else to thank them except with infinite hugs and actual verbal "thank you"s.

VOYC gave meaning to my Thursdays, and the latter part of each school year. Now that I'm in the latter part of my whole high school life, I'd like to thank them for being a part of my identity. Halcyon means happiness. This has been a constant Halcyon in my life, and I hope you all find your own Halcyon. 

Photos from Justin Co, Gab Loste, and Jeremiah Pua
Clothes from River Island

If you went to the show and you liked the songs, click here to download the mixes! Enjoy!

I would also like to invite you guys to the fourth IKnowWriteMNL event! It's going to be this Saturday, February 21! We'll have tons of surprises since we're turning 1 this year! Hope you all can make it! Don't miss out! 

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Set Me Free, 11:11

Considering "all the rave" about EDM (credits to my friend, Ashley, who thought of this witty pun), there must be something more than just the beats and the ever present drop. I tried looking into this type of music and the music festivals that it's played in, and judging from the jumping everyone does, it seems to be very enjoyable. I've only ever been to one "rave concert" so I can't exactly call myself a party goer/concert goer/whatever you call it. What's best about these is the unity the crowd immerses itself into for the love of music... and for dance, sometimes. 

With this in mind, De La Salle University’s most outstanding organization, Economics Organization proudly presents its first ever festival: the 11:11 Music Festival! It is the first college music festival to merge OPM with EDM. Imagine Tadhana by Up Dharma Down with Animals by Martin Garrix!? It may sound weird, but you can't judge what you haven't listened to yet. Also, the name "11:11" isn't just out of a whim. It's for the wishes that have yet to come true and in this concert, at 11:11, hundreds of LED Balloons will be floating in the sky. How's that for a metaphor for wishes? 

The festival will start off with Banna Harbera, Stories Told,  WeeFee, and Chasing Victoria. Then come Urbandub, Franco and Paraluman, who will all sing their hits and discover new music from that of Between Archery and Olympic, Autotelic, Identikit, Flying Ipis, and Never the Strangers. End the night by raving to the beats of DJs Rammy Bitong, Benedict Pacia, Edleen Lim, Curse & Bless, and Ace Ramos! So, set yourself free (because that's the song I attached to this) at the Greenfield District on the 20th of February, 2015 and enjoy a night filled with fun, music, fashion and wishes. Though I won't be there because of school reasons, I do hope you all get to go! But if ever, I did get to go this would most probably be my outfit (hehe, blog post to make up for my absence)! Don't miss out on this event, which I know for sure would be worth going to.

For more of 11:11 Music festival’s details please visit their Facebook page, follow their Twitter page, follow their Instagram account to witness one of the biggest college music festivals in the making.

Photo credits to Cyrus Panganiban
Outfit: Top: Stradivarius, Shorts: Uniqlo, Boots: H&M

Official Poster:

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Sunday, February 1, 2015


I thought if once I'd reach the last few months of my senior year, I would breeze right thru it. Boy, I was wrong. Though I'm constantly being mounded by a number of ttd (well, who ICAn isn't?), I can't help but also feel sentimental with everything. I've been looking at things from a more positive perspective, and without my current class, I wouldn't even bother continuing with.. anything. Tons of other lasts are coming up and I'm both excited and saddened. I just have to always live in the moment. You should remember that too.

Photo credits to Cyrus Panganiban
Outfit: Top: Cole Vintage, Jeans: H&M, Heels: H&M

Monday, January 19, 2015

Real Love

I'm still quite 'Pope High' as other people say it. As in, I'm missing the pope even if I've only seen him for a few seconds in person, and I haven't even met him personally. He only passed me by for a few seconds and I already feel as if I'm blessed. I'm just thankful Pope Francis visited our country. It gave me new-found hope in the Filipino people- that we can indeed be disciplined and courteous. Like most people my age, all I want to do is escape this country, but now, I hope I can learn how to love the country and all its flaws. From what I learned from Pope Francis (though he didn't exactly say it), the only way things can get better is through love. Love is scary, in general, but there's no reason not to, and everything can only get better from there.

"One of the greatest challenges young people face is learning to love. To love means to take a risk... Do not be afraid to love." -Pope Francis

Outfit: Top: H&M, Pants: DIY, Shoes: Shellys London
Photo credits to Kim Cruz

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Seeing Stars

Lately, I've been obsessing over the arrival of the Pope and fitness resolutions. Both of which are pretty monumental. It's only the start of the year and so much has already happened. Either everything significant has already happened, or this is a sign that there will be so much more in store for me this 2015. I assume (and prefer) that it would be the latter. I'm incredibly excited for all the ups and downs this year. I mean after all, the good wouldn't make sense if you've never experienced what bad is. Cheers to a great year, and a long (5 days, wow) weekend! 

PS. I apologize for the lack of OC-ness I have. I always post raw photos. (To those incredibly OC people, you'll see the problem soon, harharhar)

Outfit: Scarf: (idk hahaha), Sweater: Forever 21, Dress: Aeropostale, Flats: Tory Burch
Photo credits to my brother

Friday, January 2, 2015

An ode to Opportunity Costs

In Economics class, we learn about Opportunity Costs. Opportunity Costs are gaining one thing, and sacrificing another. For example, you want a donut, but you also don't want to get fat. What may happen is you sacrifice that donut instead of gaining fat, or you eat that donut and you sacrifice getting fat. In 2014, I learned that with every gain comes a loss, and with every loss brings a gain.

More often than not, we gripe about any discontent we feel, and in the process, fail to notice the good parts of the day. I've shamelessly done this a million of times within the year. I often said that this was the worst year of my life, forgetting that ol' cliché adage: "Life is a roller coaster".

Admittedly, this was the toughest year ever. Yet towards the end, I have to agree that there were also extremely amazing moments that I wouldn't trade for anything else. I vividly remember the trending hashtag "#2014infivewords", which I unabashedly conceded to. Quoting a certain song, I tweeted alongside the hashtag: "highest highs and lowest lows". Every year has its own highs and lows. Personally, this year contained the most depressing and blissful moments in my life.

Going back to the overused proverb, every moment is part of the roller coaster. While you're on a roller coaster, you can't immediately go to the top. You must start from below to begin the somewhat slow and effortful climb to the top, but you can't stay there forever. At some point, you have to come down, and it will be a thrilling (and possibly painful) downhill experience. It's a cycle, you have to repeat- we all have to.

To all those who have taken this tumultuous ride with me, thank you. Each of you have placed an impression of your own to my identity. Every person in your life will do that. Just be open, and don't be afraid of what you may lose. Excite yourself over what you may lose, but also, what you may gain. Why all the reduncancy? Opportunity costs are what makes life life. So, 2015, I'm ready. I'm ready to sacrifice things; I'm ready to gain things I wouldn't trade the world for. I'm ready to make this year an opportunity at all costs.

Outfit: Collared buttoned down top: Uniqlo, Knit cropped top: H&M, Trousers: Ann Taylor, Heels: Michael Antonio
Photo credits to my brother

Unrelated to the text post, but I'd like to invite everyone to check out Candy Mag's 31 Days of Style for the month of January! They're nice enough to let me share some of my personal style! Hope you guys enjoy it! Here's the link: 31 Days of Style.