Keeping your head up

After a few years of living, I would like to assume that life is one big surprise. In my opinion, things are more memorable and more fun when they are unexpected. If it is too anticipated, it isn't as sweet. The same goes for any tribulations we go through. If we expect the problem and we already know beforehand what we have to do, the beauty of the process of overcoming the challenge is lost. Expect the worst, but don't expect to go through it smoothly. Enjoy the rough bumps you'll come across. 

Maybe you're at a tough time right now, but I'm telling you that everything will be okay. Enjoy the adversity, and know that it will make you a much stronger and a more improved human being. Your outcome will be as beautiful as your hardship is hideous—I promise you.

There's a new series Candy posted, and it's pretty interesting. Click here to read it—definitely worth the read. Also, if it not for Candy, I would not have taken another outfit post. Here's why.

Photos by my wonderful yaya hehe
Outfit: H&M Dress, H&M Boyfriend Jeans, River Island Heels

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