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Yet another proof of how much I'm aching for chilly weather—cold enough for a sweater (and to layer) and warm enough to not be dying of frostbite. Right now, I find it absolutely crazy how the heat has been seemingly affecting our heads, and I can't help but notice different forms of bullying becoming quite prevalent. I'm suspecting its root to be either lack of respect and understanding towards our fellow men.

It's absolutely ghastly how all this seems to be the dernier cri of the modern age. Let's say, I hate make-up (and I really do) and I'm all about making my sweat glands bawl; however, it doesn't mean that I look down on those who powder themselves with make-up. (I actually admire those who can place make-up, and who put make-up daily) If someone else chooses to wear a crop top and shorts to the mall, then it must be fine that I arrive with onion-like layers. If an action or a thing makes you feel strong, beautiful, and empowered, what right have I to stop you? Let no one steal your thunder, and if so, electrocute them with the lightning of the joy you're brimming with. 

If you're one of the people who feels constant discomfort with other people's actions, just try to realize that there are certain things those people might disagree with you on also. You wouldn't want them to disrespect anything you believe in, right? Difference and disputes regarding principles are inevitable, but all we really can do is to respect that. And hopefully, someday, we can break all stereotypes that result to a faux hierarchy. Without people placing themselves on non-existent ivory towers, we can enjoy a pretty peaceful world. I've said this for the millionth time, but I will repeat this again: we can all just agree to disagree.

Now that I've got all that out of my system, enjoy some relaxing music, accompanied with stellar(-ly cute) animations. The beats of B.P. Valenzuela just makes me feel some way—a happy and good kind. I am now officially a fan of hers. (And yep, she's homegrown!)

Photos by my mother (hehe)
Outfit: Sweater from Ralph Lauren, Jeans from Seven for All Mankind, Boots from H&M

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