An ode to Opportunity Costs

In Economics class, we learn about Opportunity Costs. Opportunity Costs are gaining one thing, and sacrificing another. For example, you want a donut, but you also don't want to get fat. What may happen is you sacrifice that donut instead of gaining fat, or you eat that donut and you sacrifice getting fat. In 2014, I learned that with every gain comes a loss, and with every loss brings a gain.

More often than not, we gripe about any discontent we feel, and in the process, fail to notice the good parts of the day. I've shamelessly done this a million of times within the year. I often said that this was the worst year of my life, forgetting that ol' cliché adage: "Life is a roller coaster".

Admittedly, this was the toughest year ever. Yet towards the end, I have to agree that there were also extremely amazing moments that I wouldn't trade for anything else. I vividly remember the trending hashtag "#2014infivewords", which I unabashedly conceded to. Quoting a certain song, I tweeted alongside the hashtag: "highest highs and lowest lows". Every year has its own highs and lows. Personally, this year contained the most depressing and blissful moments in my life.

Going back to the overused proverb, every moment is part of the roller coaster. While you're on a roller coaster, you can't immediately go to the top. You must start from below to begin the somewhat slow and effortful climb to the top, but you can't stay there forever. At some point, you have to come down, and it will be a thrilling (and possibly painful) downhill experience. It's a cycle, you have to repeat- we all have to.

To all those who have taken this tumultuous ride with me, thank you. Each of you have placed an impression of your own to my identity. Every person in your life will do that. Just be open, and don't be afraid of what you may lose. Excite yourself over what you may lose, but also, what you may gain. Why all the reduncancy? Opportunity costs are what makes life life. So, 2015, I'm ready. I'm ready to sacrifice things; I'm ready to gain things I wouldn't trade the world for. I'm ready to make this year an opportunity at all costs.

Outfit: Collared buttoned down top: Uniqlo, Knit cropped top: H&M, Trousers: Ann Taylor, Heels: Michael Antonio
Photo credits to my brother

Unrelated to the text post, but I'd like to invite everyone to check out Candy Mag's 31 Days of Style for the month of January! They're nice enough to let me share some of my personal style! Hope you guys enjoy it! Here's the link: 31 Days of Style.

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  1. I love your style, the looks you did for the 31 Days of Style are amazing!
    Have a lovely 2015 as well x


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