Real Love

I'm still quite 'Pope High' as other people say it. As in, I'm missing the pope even if I've only seen him for a few seconds in person, and I haven't even met him personally. He only passed me by for a few seconds and I already feel as if I'm blessed. I'm just thankful Pope Francis visited our country. It gave me new-found hope in the Filipino people- that we can indeed be disciplined and courteous. Like most people my age, all I want to do is escape this country, but now, I hope I can learn how to love the country and all its flaws. From what I learned from Pope Francis (though he didn't exactly say it), the only way things can get better is through love. Love is scary, in general, but there's no reason not to, and everything can only get better from there.

"One of the greatest challenges young people face is learning to love. To love means to take a risk... Do not be afraid to love." -Pope Francis

Outfit: Top: H&M, Pants: DIY, Shoes: Shellys London
Photo credits to Kim Cruz


  1. the pope is from my country, Argentina! love the outfit.
    mortem blonde

  2. I like your new mindset. I think the Pope did not only give you hope, but also helped you growing more mature, as you are now realizing that there is hope whereever there is love. Have a great day!


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