'Til the record stops

This past week, I remember constantly giving hints to random people that it would be my birthday soon. I was extra excited about my birthday this year, and I don't know why. There's nothing special about turning 17, nor slowly reaching the inevitable (aka death (morbid, but true *cue evil laugh*)). And like Cinderella, but for a totally different reason, I waited for the clock to strike 12 (Did Cinderella wait for it????). For the whole 24 hours, I realized why I loved my birthday- this birthday. I could feel all the extra love from all around. From families and friends I haven't spoken to in forever to those physically and mentally close to me all the time, they greeted me. Up to today, I'm speechless. There's no point to this whole text actually, and I don't exactly know how to end this but with a 'thank you' to everyone. I'm extremely grateful, and it's an ineffable feeling, really. Like the song, "I love you (all) 'til the record stops".

I've taken quite a lot of outfit posts hehe! Hooray for taking advantage of the rare cold weather! And earlier, my friend sent me this song and I loved it instantly. I've been meaning to post it here, but the video was just too erotic (for me anyway, hahaha). So I found a soundcloud! This song gives me such good vibes, and I hope it gives the same feeling to you all too!

Outfit: Cropped top: H&M, Jeans: River Island, Boots: H&M, Bag: Lacoste
Photo credits to my brother


  1. super outfit:) xx

  2. Great post:) Happy holidays, dear!



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