BS: Before Sixteen

Although it has not sunken in yet, I turned sixteen a few days ago. I know I'm not supposed to feel a sudden change in me but it's as if my bodily self is still unaware of its age. I'm not a huge fan of my own birthday, to be honest, but I still celebrate it (and it was a great day because of this). The day before I turned sixteen, I bid farewell to fifteen, one of the best ages ever, in my opinion, and tried to keep an open mind for the future. I spent the night frolicking about with my childhood friend, Cara, whom I don't think I could go through life without.

I'll be going to Tagaytay and Hong Kong soon and I'll be posting a vlog about it (yay) so stay tuned!


  1. Hey! I turned 18 in October and sometimes it slips my mind and I say I'm 17! Happy birthday!
    Mortem Blonde

  2. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINAAAAA!!! *fireworks here, fireworks there, fireworks everywhere*
    You're still such a cutie at sixteen, and I hope you enjoyed your special day. Looking forward to your vlogs yay!

  3. That's great! Congrats on that.

    Most of the times I don't remember my birthday. :P When someone ask me about my age I count at that time.


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