Days are Gone

If it's not noticeable, I'm kind of into indie music. Ish.. And Haim is just absolutely perfect. They scream absolute girl power. I might've embedded a song of theirs to you guys already but this song of theirs is just.. it makes me so speechless. They're so perfect and as you can see, I'm just rambling on about how perfect they are because it is a fact that shouldn't be hidden from the public. 

Yeah, so I just found out I don't look good in Boyfriend Jeans because I'm not thin enough... *cue the i-should-be-dieting-right-now-emotions* But hey, at least I tried! Haha, and no, I'm not fishing for compliments so please just tell the truth. But at this moment, I swear I feel... 
like I want to be Zoe Suen. Her face. Her body. Her hair. Her artistic skills. Oh, the feels. I think I talk about her too much.. HAH! 

And oh, prom is looming over. The 3Ds... Diet. Dress. Date. I have none of them. (I just made up those 3Ds right now, am I witty or what??? HAHAHA ok this is why I still don't have a date.)

Also, I'm sorry if this is so long and I'm trying out the format of this thing HAHA! Right align yo. Take care, guys!

Outfit: Cardigan: Staples, Skirt used as a Tube Top: Cotton On, Jeans: DIY, Shoes: Converse
Photographed by: Kim Cruz


  1. You actually remind me of Zoe Suen, especially on the way you write. Don't feel bad because you actually look good in boyfriend jeans, maybe it looked unflattering in your eyes because it didn't really suit the top. DON'T EVER FEEL BAD ABOUT YOUR INSECURITIES OK BECAUSE THERE IS ALWAYS THAT ONE (OR ONE MILLION) PERSON THAT THINKS YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL AND THAT'S ME HEH.

    1. Omg you're sooo sweet <3 Thank you so much!!!!

  2. Hey! I like how those jeans fit you! And Haim is just crazy great.
    Mortem Blonde

  3. nice outfit!

  4. Love your outfit, the jeans especially!
    This is a really great post :)


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  5. i'm obsessed with both indie music and zoe suen too :) love those boyfriend jeans!

  6. i love the jeans!

  7. Cool dress.. Casual look..

  8. Very nice outfit!

  9. Your boyfriend jeans are so so cool!! and gotta love a bit of HAIM<3
    -Kate from bleached mort


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