Hong Kong blues (Video + Photo Diary)

Weeping over the fact that the Christmas break is coming to a close. I can't imagine waking up early once again to enter the haunted place they call school. Last three months- I must push myself to make the most out of the remainder of Junior Year.

No matter how hard I try to describe how amazing Hong Kong was, I ultimately fail. It's just too beautiful for words, I guess. So for you guys, I prepared a photo and video diary (which I said before) so enjoy! 

Also, I was wondering if you guys would enjoy it if I did a HK Shopping Haul since all the other Youtubers are doing stuff like that. Here is I, jumping on the overloaded bandwagon. But just say what you think in the comments below!

Oh, and if you didn't notice, my font is back to its former glory. *hooray*


  1. Love this! I'd like to visit Hong Kong some day. It seems so cool what i've also seen from Zoe Suen's blog :) xx

    Picture Me

  2. That looks like so much fun! (Your typography though wow <333333)

  3. great photos and i'd like to visit Hong Kong some day! :-)

    xx, Riotous Lolita

  4. Great photos, Niña!! <3 Hoping to visit Hong Kong again soon agh lovely place!!

    UNAHIRAYA by liaisabella

  5. I've recently stumbled upon your blog and I'd like to acknowledge the fact that your blog is hella rad. Your photos are great by the way, Hong Kong seems like an amazing place.


  6. Hong Kong seems AMAZING!


  7. Wow, Hong Kong seems amazing, I hope I can visit it one day! :D

    I'm writing a blog about my life, about travelling, reading and writing and about Spain where I currently live, it would be awesome if you could go have a look at it and leave me your opinion. Thanks and happy New Year!

  8. You're absolutely pretty and these shots are great! I hope I could go back to Hong Kong someday :) Lovelots xx

  9. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful! Makes me want to visit Hong Kong as sooon as possible haha:) x
    Meant To Attend

  10. Omg! Ang ganda lang ng f21 sa hongkong! I wish was there again.

  11. Omg hi nina! remember me? what's the name of the church in your video? it's so pretty!! Don't you just go cray over sasa and the huge forever21 there? anyway, I totally love your style and music, so trippy! I especially love your ankle booties!
    I never knew you were a blogger until now omg I just started by blog a few months ago but i've just gotten around to start posting real stuff, hope you can follow me back!

    <3 Inya


    1. Omg hi Inya! I remember you hehehe! Immaculate Conception! Heh I haven't even been inside Sasa- and it's everywhere! THANK YOU :)
      Hehhee, I'll follow you back! Happy blogging Inya heh :)

  12. Amazing video!!! I hope to visit this wonderful city one day!!!
    I love your blog!!! Let`s follow each other? ;-)


  13. great post:)



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