When Love Arrives

My heart just melts everytime I watch this. I mean, how could you not ship them both???? 

Moving on... The first time I watched this I was completely appalled, greatful and disappointed. Why such different emotions all at once?
Appalled: by their truth and their passion for love (or at least through my eyes)
Greatful: It felt as if I had an epiphany by watching this; a realization of some sort
Disappointed: I hadn't percieved this realization earlier

They gave me hope. Hope that somewhere out there, my soul mate is alive and breathing. No, I am not looking for love. Or shall I ever, really. I thought my lack of desire to find my soulmate (mind you, a soulmate is very different from a promdate heh) was a diagnosis of lazybumtitis or something. Maybe sometimes, I would concur with others complaining of no love life and being down in the dumps because of it but "having no love life" is not the reason. What scares me is that maybe, I'll be the lady who lives alone with her computer, books and 983281498 cats- actually, that sounds quite appealing now. I'm just afraid nobody will ever truly love the real me (because quite frankly, nobody really genuinely loves the real me). 

Note to self: use less parentheses

Also, I'll be going on a more than a week hiatus due to studies and all that poopsy (But wasn't I already doing that?? HAHA ok yes i was a bit sorry). I'll return as soon as possible but ugh, school is such a pain in the bum. :c


  1. Such a moving video!
    Hope you get back to blogging as soon as you can (:
    Fashion Ganache.

  2. I just love this video! I'm glad you posted it! :)


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  4. beautiful photos
    I'm following u via GFC, hope u can follow back. THX XOXO

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  5. i love what you wrote about how this video made you feel! i agree!

    lindsey louise


  6. beautiful!

  7. Hey Nina! If you didn't know, I just recently tagged you in the Liebster Award. Hopefully you can answer the questions! :)


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