Cheers to the end of a hectic month! For me, August was definitely a whirlwind (and to be honest, I really don't want to repeat it). Instagram sort of shows the "picturesque" part of my life (but I'm not picturesque so Idk). Often times, I use it to advertise my blog but nevertheless, I present to you all that has happened this past month. 

1) *advertises blog post: Pom Poms*
2) After I watched Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (Logan Lerman is so damn attractive)
3) Reading the book of PJ: SOM after the movie 
4) My current reads with Hot Choco (The Great Gatsby + PJ: SOM)
5) *advertises blog post: When Love Arrives*
6) Watching Jacksgap videos and reading Titan's Curse when classes were suspended
7) Reading the fourth installment of Percy Jackson: BOTL (bc yolo lol kidds) on a suspended school day
8) a Happy Birthday message to my best friend, Eira Peña!
9) My reaction to getting 100 followers on the blog
10) Reading the final installment of Percy Jackson and the Olympians (with Fitnesse heh)
11) Going to SM Aura and finding the great Abbey Sy's artwork *faints*
12) *advertises blog post: Sea of Monsters*
13) Greeting a happy birthday to my friend, Mariella Reyes!

Yes, I update my instagram often. Don't forget to follow me (click here for my instagram). 
Hope you're all doing splendidly ... at life (that sounds sarcastic but I'm not okay).


  1. (((I actually stalk your instagram heh)))

  2. Me too had a hectic August!
    Wanna check her artworks too since its very near my workplace:)

  3. Great pictures ! I love August xx

  4. awesome pictures, love your outfit in the first picture!

  5. love the instagram pictures! :) I just watched Percy Jackson too!
    xoxo, Joei

  6. Nice photos and I agree Logan Lerman is soo attractive I love him!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award

    1. Thank you! Ikr :)

      And aww, I'm so flattered! Thank you so much xx

  7. you have a lovely blog <3 those pics are awesome!!
    do you want to like each other pages on fb? let me know!
    kisses ♥

  8. You have a lovely blog!:DD AHAHA, congratulations on reaching 100 followers!:)

    If you'd like to, check mine out as well?:)
    My ∞ Fashion Confession

  9. love your blog dear <3

  10. Nice photos! :) By the way, if you have time, I am inviting you to join my giveaway. I will be picking 2 winners and each can win 2 pieces of clothing. I hope you can check my blog soon. :)

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  11. aw these photos are so lovely! seems like you've had an eventful time

  12. I'm actually re-reading The Great Gatsby right now! (and I looooooooooove Jack's Gap!). Thanks for stopping by my blog ♡, definitely following you on GFC and Bloglovin.

    Bian, Mortem Blonde

    1. I'm honestly so annoyed with Jay Gatsby!! HAHAHAHA! (YAY JACKSGAP <3) Thank you :)

  13. I love your look and style. Not everyone can pull this off... It's very Rihanna-ish (tom boy).I am now following you, please check out my blog.

  14. I totally love these instagram pics! Especially the top middle one with the old cars, so VINTAGE!

    1. That's not an actual car HAHAHA! As I said above, it's from Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters :D But thanks hehehe!


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