Meet one of my biggest inspirations

Meet my best friend: Eira Peña. Today is her birthday.
Happy happy birthday to my b, Eira Peña!!!!!!! 
You know how much my blog means to me (and i love you for knowing and understanding that) and I hope you know how much you mean to me too hence, a blog post dedicated to you and only you. :)

(c) Kyra Co

(c) Jana Tiu

Like a friend should, you stick with me throughout all the trials. You support me to the ends of the earth. You rise me back up when I'm down. 
But you're a special kind of friend (both terms.. I'm just kidding!!! LOVE YOU!!!). You're the person who's stuck with me the longest. I mean, you didn't stick with me because you had to- you had a choice but you chose to stay with me (despite my mood swings, frequent irrelevant ramblings, anger, annoyance, mean-ness, the fact that I'm not the best at keeping secrets but you know I try [ily] and the list goes on!). You never leave a sad me until I'm happy. You know how to deal with things greatly. Like not just with me but everything you've done! I find it curious how you can be funny, serious, bouncy, helpful, smart, beautiful and strong at the same time like pls i can't even type anymore ugh I can go a whole day with just giving you compliments. Or maybe not because my vocabulary isn't as big? HAHAHA! Oops.

(c) Sabrina Yu

(c) Mariella Reyes
Hehehe stayed up for you cuz I wanted to greet you first. 
Wow.. 16. Just remember, you can always be child-like whenever you want. Just will it. Your age has nothing to do with it (ish). All it needs to will it are guts, which you most certainly have. So you can then be forever young. Hihi

(c) Sabrina Yu

(c) Achi Frances Ng

I had to excavate through some of our old photos together (with occasional cringing). I mean, ones since 7th grade (Couldn't find older ones because a) I didn't have a facebook b) Remember when I had already and I had no idea how to use it and what tag was and private and like or whatever and I kept pestering you and Sabaw how to do this and that because I am an ignorant lil' bish). But in the 7th grade, that's when we started being friends! I admit, I didn't know you'd become my best friend- but I guess know that that's the best part.

we were hipster even before hipsters were hipster *boom*
(c) Jazmine Jim or Ashley Ong

I love the last picture. Me, Ashley and you. It's crazy. I don't know if you remember that day but that was one of the simplest days ever, albeit the best (in my opinion. Idk 'bout you *whispers* but i'm feeling 22... Or okay, 16, in your case). 

I'm sorry I don't exactly know how to express my love. I have a different language of love for different days and yet you try to understand them (unknowingly hihi mwah). I'm sorry that I've hurt you billions of times and I know I can't put it into detail but man, I'm just absolutely grateful to God for sending me a forgiving angel like you (that line was absolutely cringe-worthy but I don't know how else to express it). I don't know how you can forgive that much times either but you do and I'm sorry I can't exactly express my gratitude as much to you because I'm (more) ignorant (than usual) when it comes to those things. So here am I, trying to thank you for forgiving me infinitely and accepting my awkward-weird-strange-occasionally-stressed self. You have no idea how sometimes you just saying "omg" or "hi" to me can brighten up my day a million times and I thought if I say it to you randomly and directly it'd be awkward. Like right at this moment, aren't you feeling awkward? hihihi okay well I didn't expect this to be this long. Am I that talkative? Why do I keep saying "I"? Omg I'm such a narcissist. See! You still put up with me even when I'm talking about myself on your birthday (or at least I hope you are). I hope you're enjoying your birthday (in spite of the fact we had our Math PT today). And to summarize this whole long thing, thank you for everything, b! I'm glad you're always there. You're always there to constantly remind me that I do have a reason to live. And you're one of them. :) And you deserve the best on your day. So go out there and have fun! (I felt the need to put a cliché last line heh)

I love you, Eira!!! Happy Sweet Sixteen(th)! Love you! <3

PS: Notice how I placed you under the tag "inspirations" also because you're one of my inspirations. Ya get me? Ya get me? Hihihi *winks*


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