Sound of Fire

I broke my pinky promise- oops! Sorry! I've just been so busy lazy lately, gaaah. The summer heat is killing me slowly. Well, at least we get a free sauna session everyday! Time to burn those fats! HAHA ok no? ok. 

Also, I'm going to start being a Junior Camp Counselor tomorrow! I'm excited yet scared. I don't want to screw up but I just want to enjoy myself. I think I can do both... I hope! HAHAHA

Anywho, I recommend you guys watch this other vlogbrothers' video (hehehe). I mean if you get scared a lot of the time, and admittedly, I have been. 


  1. Love the lime top! I followed your blog:)

  2. i love what you're wearing!
    what camp are you counseling for, by the way? kasi pumupunta ako sa isang mini camp na kailangan ng jc sa 9-11 year olds. cisv ba?

    1. Thank you! :)
      No, I go to California Summer Camps :) They only accept Junior Counselors ages 14-15 years old and Counselours ages 16 and onwards :)

  3. Love the bright neon top so much!!


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