Fire away, fire away

I don't remember when exactly this was but all I remember was how the day went and that I felt happy.

I woke up early so I could go to our senior's bazaar, there were tons of stuff there at such a cheap price but I only bought a bracelet and heaps of food. I hung out with my friends: Sabrina Yu and Nicole Lee. I was so glad they decided to adopt me and I was so overjoyed that they did. I had so much fun just eating and chatting with them but unfortunately, I had to leave because there was a photoshoot. Yep, I had a photoshoot because I'm a model for Xavier School's fashion show (refer to this) on February 2 (I cannot comprehend my fear for the day of the show). The shoot made me quite happy too because I was with a classmate. She's a singer for Xavier School's Variety Show so she had a photoshoot too. I don't really remember what happened but I just remember smiling a lot. Afterwards, my whole family went to the Mall of Asia because i don't know actually, we just felt like it even though it was a million miles away (fine, meters away). I really like this day. It was ineffable.

This whole post of mine sounds like a preschool kid wrote it, damn.


Thank you so much for your comments! I'll try as much as possible to reply to them all! Love you, guys!