6 ft. under the stars

So first of all, I'd like to thank God for this:

It's a merit card. So yes, I have honor. Officially. I'd occasionally get honor technically and oh, how that sucked so much. I'd get what I worked hard for, only to be halted by a 'B'... It's like the world was telling me I'm not good enough so stop trying, you useless little girl. I'm incredibly happy I got this, it definitely shot my confidence way up. 

This was also a confidence booster: 

I was one of the few out of approximately 70 applicants (according to my source, unreliable though, hohoho sorry) who got accepted as a model for the Xavier Variety Show. A lot of people congratulated me because I was one of the few students in my school who was accepted and the only one in my batch (I know, it's crazy!) This year, the theme is #shifthappens and how coincidental it is to my thoughts (i've been... "bv" the whole of 2012 except for May & the Christmas break). #ShiftHappens generally means that change happens, it's mandatory for change to occur in our lives and so we should just accept it. The name is also quite amusing, I mean, twitter is full of those negative hashtags (ie. #FML, #KMN, #BV) and one of them is: #ShitHappens. It actually has the same meaning as #ShiftHappens but it's just placed in a negative light, I'm glad someone finally thought of this idea to promote positive 'vibes'. 

I'd like to share this video too! 

It's me and some of my classmates doing the 'Cup Song' from Pitch Perfect (if you don't know the song, you're probably living under a rock and so if you are Patrick Starfish, click this). We just did this for fun at first because we were so amazed at how Anna Kendrick did this. We borrowed our fellow classmate's pencil case (which was cylindrical). When I told them I had Speed Stacks, I brought it and we started playing it together. It was so spontaneous that we wanted to perform it! Thank God that there was an English Speechfest and they needed someone to form so voila! This video is the day of the performance and I just felt so much bliss in me. 
I know I said I hated this week on my twitter but then, I was blinded because my life is already full of blessings I didn't see how amazing this week actually was. I just hope people can open their eyes too like I did. Have a happy weekend! 


  1. Wow, this was really encouraging! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. PS Thank you for your comment on my blog! I replied to it there. :) Also, would you be interested in an ad swap? Send me an email at han.goldd [at] yahoo [dot] com. Have an awesome day! :)

    1. An ad swap? Okay! I'll place yours here! And I'll just send you mine soon (still don't have an ad hehe, sorry) Thank you! Have an awesome day too! :)


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