USA 2015-2016 Vlog

"Oh time, suspend your flight! and you, blessed hours,
Delay your course!
Let us savor the fleeting delights
    Of the happiest days of ours.
-an excerpt from the classic French poem: Le lac by Lamantine

This excerpt seems most fitting to mine and my brother's current feelings regarding our separation from our relatives, whom we have spent every waking (and sleeping, actually) moment with. 

Most 18th birthday, Christmas, and New Year celebrations would compete as to whose would be the grandest. Mine was the simplest, yet it was the best. This recent vacation is definitely the best of my life. Like 2015, this trip went by in half a blink of an eye. There's nothing quite like helping out in the kitchen, awaiting the wondrous creation that is twice-baked potatoes. Eating those potatoes while being one on the couch as the whole family watches multiple NBA games are far more memorable than any party. An extravagant debut would never compare to a simple late pizza lunch accompanied with a six hour roadtrip. I would trade a New Year's Eve ticket to the hottest party in town to late night laughs and conversations with my cousins. Family always comes first. I've always known that, but this holiday, I felt it. It's an ineffable feeling. 

As the separation anxiety begins to kick in and my stomach starts begging for pizza and Jollibee chicken at odd hours, I look through all my photos and videos. It was difficult to record my favorite parts: Monopoly deals, sneaking bites of cheese supposedly meant for other things than my mouth, and so much more. My favorite set of photos have got to be the goodbye hugs (I tweeted them here)- it was so authentic, and it does make my heart ache. Once again, I have compiled videos together to share the adventures I have embarked on. However, the greatest adventure in this trip isn't in the video. The love shared by my family cannot simply be chronicled through mere moving pictures. But I still do hope you enjoy the vlog!

Note: my background song was supposed to be Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay, but I had copyright troubles. Really hoping the next song I edit the video with is quite alright with the copyright police. 
So without further ado, I present to you all my USA 2015-2016 Video Diary:

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