Just a little tulle late

It's funny (Like my punny caption? Just kidding.) as how even if we're in the present, we tend to reminisce on past events, even if we have the future to look forward to. Not that I don't reminisce, I do, quite a lot. I reminisce both good moments, bad ones, and ones that never even happened. Then, comes the feeling of immense regret. I regret things that I wish I did, and things I didn't. Although, usually, regret is a type of nostalgia for the things that didn't occur at all (for me, that is). Regret is when we know we're all a little too late.

We may be a little too late to undo the past, or do something we could've done. But we're never too late to put action into our present, never too late to begin working for a dream, never too late to await the future full of enthusiasm and exhilaration. Our past never held us back; however, it simply exposed who we are and who we choose to be— and our identity is slowly being created with all occurrences that pass us by.

Photos by Cyrus Panganiban
Outfit: Acid-washed jacket: Jungle Storm, Dress: Forever 21, Sneakers: Converse


  1. Beautiful:) xx

  2. The most beautiful courtside reporter... On a scale of 1 to 5, you're 10. Now a fan of UP

  3. Nina you're so pretty!

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