Friday, July 4, 2014

July Study Playlist

Because if you haven't noticed, I've been mia mainly because I've been trying to prioritise my studies & studying for all the exams this whole (school)year. *sobs to self* However, I've been able to keep my composure.... ish, with the help of these songs. So kudos to these artists! I hope you all have a great month ahead!

Lay Me Down - Sam Smith
Magic - Coldplay
Coming of age - Foster the People
Wonderwall - Oasis
Ink - Coldplay
Luna - Bombay Bicycle Club
Coffee - Sylvan Esso 
Sleepless (radio edit) - Cazzette feat. The High



  1. I LOVE!!

  2. is the ultimate study song. no kidding. I kind of love your writing!
    mortem blonde

  3. lolvely post!
    Come to my blog, I'd be happy if you follow me

  4. hi what pens did you use for this? its lovely btw :)

  5. I love Magic by Coldplay so much!

  6. my goodness your handwriting! UHGG i have a thing for cursive writing and wow can i just say that your S is on point! omg hahaha did i sound crazy? :( haha sorry! but love, SAM SMITH IS MY FAVE! woo! great post!
    love always,

  7. OMG I LOVE THIS PLAYLIST! Literally every song!!!


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