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I'm not a big believer of letting things slide; however, circumstances have brought me to it. You've got to admit, lately, we've all been worrying. We worry about nonsensical things to totally important things, usually about the future. Well, I say, stop. STOP. A good worry here and there is fine, but too much worrying is just a waste of time. If you know in your heart that you've worked your hardest and done your best, then there's nothing else you can do about whatever it is you're worrying about. You've got to leave it up to Him, or fate, if you may.

We all know quote "Things happen for a reason". Pessimists would probably say, it just means something you didn't want to happen happened (You've Got Mail reference heh). Optimists would probably say, there is no point in not dismissing the negativity of a certain event- it would only bring out more negativity. Realists would probably say a mix of the two, it happened, but there's nothing you can do about it, but move forward. I'd have to agree with the realists. The past is the past, we either run from it, or learn from it, right? (Lion King reference hello)

Basically what I'm trying to say is, you've got to stop worrying. Don't worry about the past, it's behind us. Don't worry about the future, if you've done your part. Don't worry about today- live it. Don't waste your time worrying or being sad. Forget anything and everything that makes you sad, and do anything and everything to make you happy. Right now, we are, in fact, dying. But we can either choose to spend every waking moment happy or sad. Because towards the end, we just wish we wouldn't regret anything.

(Also, if you haven't watched my Japan vlog, click here!)

Outfit: Top: Zara, Skirt: -gift (don't really know where haha)-, Stockings: Any dept. store, Shoes: H&M, Shades: Ray Ban


  1. Hi Nina!!! I read you with the translator. I hope I have understood everything well. They are really beautiful words. From yout outfit, I think grey and black is a good choice! I like it. Kisses from Italy


  2. Lovely photos!! x


  3. Love the outfit and such lovely places!


  4. Really cute look, loved the Japan vlog, I want to go there as soon as possible!


  5. Hello I tagged you on one of my post.Please do check it out.


  6. Love your outfit, looks so comfy~ perfect for your adventures.

    Saw a lot of these being sold in a-not-so affordable price. Glad you made a tutorial vid, this would be helpful ~ *u*

    Lou of, steal-thestyle.com


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