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Despite that mini taste of summer with that four day long weekend, I manage to cling onto whatever is left of Junior Year. It has been quite eventful, really. More than I had ever expected. And like most, I wish I had more time. But I've just been quite happy with the flow of life lately, considering school stress. I'm excited for summer though I'm taking college review classes. And I just watched Wicked the other week and in my opinion, it was the best musical I have ever watched. It was incredibly beautiful, the effects, the cast- the whole thing (I'm too nice to spoil hahaha). I don't know what I deserved to recieve all this good and happy karma. I guess, Elphaba is right when she says, "Everyone deserves the chance to fly." Maybe, this is my time to fly. (Also, throwback to Hong Kong- missing the cold weather!)

*Additional fun fact, the song is in the Divergent Soundtrack. And it's by Zedd. Double whammie! heh*

Outfit: Sweater: Forever 21, Plaid Top: Old Navy, Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Boots: H&M


  1. I always love your outift posts!! Oh and Zedd's new song has constantly been on replay :)

  2. Such a pretty outfit! Love your hair!

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  3. I like very much this mix of colors.....and your sweather is very nice!!!
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    Eni K.

  4. Cutest outfit :)


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  5. I love your outfit, you're looking pretty! :)

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