With a practice every week, we all got closer. It has always been exciting to be friends with someone who you never thought could have been friends with you. It's strange how time can only tell. These people have definitely made the first part of my year unforgettable. And as of now, I am feeling this thing called "separation anxiety". I can't believe this just happened a week ago. Nostalgia- *wails*

I actually have A LOT (a lot is an understatement) of behind the scenes pictures because these people just won't stop taking selfies. HAHA! Miss them all so much already! And since I keep plugging this, I guess you guys should see how the show itself went. I personally enjoyed it and I hope everyone else did too! Cheers!

Photos are not mine. Clothes from River Island.


Thank you so much for your comments! I'll try as much as possible to reply to them all! Love you, guys!