CRUZin (cruising) my way in

Kim, if you see this and you see the title, I'm sorry. I highly apologize but I just couldn't help it. Please don't kill me. 
That aside, I would like to show you whom I have been working on a collaboration with! 

Presenting the lovely Kimberly Cruz!

She was my friend from this activity I had and she was there too and boom, we became friends. I haven't seen her in 3 years actually since our collaboration so it was pretty refreshing and we had a great catch up session (don'tcha think so kim he he he).

She's also an amazing photographer! Her photos on her blog and her instagram are just mindblowing.

I recommend you follow her on her instagram and her blog to get some quick inspiration.

So, yes, I had a collab with her the other day for my blog (how redundant- I've said this for the nth time) and I'll be making a quick vlog soon! Take care, guys!


  1. Great post!:) xo

  2. love the art supply instagram photo! great layout:))


  3. She's really gorgeous! The photos are really lovely as well.

  4. Love these photos! Your friend Kim is really pretty x

    1. I'm screenshotting this comment hehe YES SHE'S SUPER PRETTY.


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