50 random facts about myself

I was tagged by Lianna from Hide the Blues to create a 50 facts about myself quite a while back (September HAHAHA). I haven't got much time to make it so right now, it's 11:36PM, I'm making a draft for the future, so let's get started shall we?

1. My whole name has 35 letters
2. I actually like Math
3. ...but due to the fact that I am horrible at it, I end up hating it!
4. My favorite color is black and blue (woah, the colors when someone gets beaten up)
5. I never thought of making a blog up till December last year (like a legit one)
6. I love dancing
7. I love football
8. I strongly believe that it should be called "Football", not "Soccer" (Stupid Americans. KIDDING!)
9. I used to be a competitive gymnast
10. Then I started not really liking it so I quite when I was in the 6th grade
11. I competed in Singapore once for gymnastics
12. I was in two commercials because of gymnastics
13. (Back to football) My favorite team is MANCHESTER UNITED
14. ...Because the first football game I watched (on TV) was them versus City and Man U won :)
15. I started playing football summer before High School (2011) then stopped Jan-Feb 2012
16. Returned again last July 2013
17. It was the worst and longest waiting thing I have ever done in my entire life
18. Therefore, you can say I'm not exactly good at it
19. About dancing, idk man I just love it
20. Fave team = First love = JABBAWOCKEEZ
21. I'm not that good at watercolouring (as you can see above)
22. I'm more used to acrylic painting
23. I'm thinking about acrylic painting over the sembreak
24. I was California Summer Camps Junior Counselor (Summer 2013)
25. One of the best and most rewarding experience of my life ^
26. I want to be a camper
27. I hope I'll get to be one in the Overnite Camp: Color Wars this sembreak
28. I'm fifteen (going on sixteen)
29. I like to doodle
30. I love reading
31. Best authors ever: JK Rowling, Jane Austen, CS Lewis, John Green, William Shakespeare, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Stephen Chbosky (for kids: Rick Riordan)
32. Best book ever: The Little Prince, The Perks of being a Wallflower
33. Besr series ever: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson & The Olympians (yep, I'm a kid)
34. I don't know what else to say like right now, I am wracking my brain and I'm out
35. I guess you can say I got into photography because of blogging
36. I like writing useless and senseless junk
37. I'm a packrat
38. I'm OC only for specific places/things/people
39. I like music (duh)
40. I don't have a specific genre of music, which I like (it constantly changes)
41. Currently, it's all Indie Music because you can actually feel their emotion compared to most mainstream
42. Although, I've also been into some great Electro-House Music
43. The best countries I've been to are U.S.A. and Hong Kong
44. The first vlogger I've been into: Hank Green and John Green of vlogbrothers
45. I want to study in either NYU or SFU... as long as it's in New York or San Fran :)
46. I haven't been that good at balancing all my activites lately
47. I have run out on facts about myself
48. My camera is not a DSLR... *cries to self*
49. I actually like Biology & Chemistry (it just doesn't like me back)
50. I know what the fox says (if you don't know what i'm talking about, click here)

Yes, yes, yes, this is looooong overdue.


  1. UGH, I want to study at NYU too! haha. Nice post!
    Mortem Blonde

  2. Fun post:)
    And I do know what you mean with what the fox says haha. They were also at the ema's this year and I was so lucky to be a part of it:)


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