Caramoan-Bicol Vlog

The promised vlog! Mind you, I just arrived from the trip this morning. Hardworking blogger right here! (heh kidding) Also, I apologize for my haggard face filled with pimples.

Throughout this whole trip, I felt like an epic adventurer. I mean, this is the first trip that I rode a boat, a public boat, a public bus and a tricycle all in one! The thing is Caramoan is a beach located in CamSur and is still not yet popular so there aren't any chartered flights going there. Some may say it isn't worth it to travel an 8-hour bus, a 2-hour boat ride, a 30-minute tricycle ride and another tricycle ride just to go to the beach, but once you get there and their serene vibes fill you up, you'll definitely change your mind. The beach of Caramoan is almost identical to Boracay or Palawan except it isn't as urbanized, which is actually a good thing. Its rustic spirit will welcome you to relaxation. No malls, no buildings and barely any cars. But once this place begins to be popular, I doubt it will stay as it is now. I just hope the beauty stays the same and there won't be as much litter as there is now in Boracay

Leaving that topic aside, I also climbed up a mountain to see a statue of Mother Mary. I visited tons of churches so I was able to make an abundance of wishes. And at some point, I was able to see the famous perfect Volcano: Mt. Mayon, which was unfortunately covered by clouds when we were at Cagsawa (but I was able to see it perfectly on the bus ride home which sort of annoyed me). No picture nor video will be able to give justice to some of nature's beauty I just saw during this trip. It actually shocked me a bit. But as they say, "Don't be a foreigner to your own country".


Thank you so much for your comments! I'll try as much as possible to reply to them all! Love you, guys!