Tomorrow- what will tomorrow bring? Something unexpected (as usual). Possibly something ordinary but if we just open our eyes a bit wider, it could be a spark that could flame a thousand of extraordinary events ablaze. 

But what if one day, we wake up and ask ourselves: "What's the point of waking up?"? It scares me that one day, everything will become a bore, that I won't see anything special in things anymore. I despise being frightened. My greatest fear is having a fear. 

I guess all I can do is be happy. Enjoy the day. And accept everything. 

Life has been such a roller coaster lately (and sometimes, I wish for the ride to just end)

I then realized by opening my eyes and not only looking at the 'bugs getting stuck in my hair' and by just looking at the sky and the view that I should just feel the breeze in my hair, sway my feet, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Stay happy, friends! ☺
This was taken in my grandparents' house, by the way. Their house just gives me such vintage vibes. 
(Yes, I tried to do the MJ move, let me be)


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