Hola! I am back from my unexpected mini-hiatus (ish)! The school year, and the years in this school are coming to a close and so many things have happened, which I will be expressing in a post soon! I mean many amazing things just keep happening that life just seems too ineffable to describe. Since most are on their exams now, I just want to say good luck to you all, always believe in yourself, and bad times are always always always temporary. I hope you all had a splendid weekend! Cheerio!

If you follow my instagram, you'll see I had a photoshoot with a really great photographer named Justin Co! You can check out his instagram portfolio here!

Clothes: Top: Forever 21, Jeans: DIY, Shoes: H&M
Photos by Cyrus Panganiban


  1. love the whole outfit Nina !! Post more often <3


  2. Been following you on Instagram since I met you in the first IKW and it's so nice to see how much you've accomplished! :) I love the pants, BTW! I refer to those as "aircon jeans", haha!

  3. love the outfit!


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