Sa / Difference

As you first enter Japan, you'd think it would be this meek, serene place wherein there isn't much rebellion. Well, it's true. Though the showcase of their individuality is quite impressive (fashion-wise), the serenity of this not-so-tiny community causes me to wonder what other idiosyncrasies they have, or if they even have any. Despite their eccentric fashion taste, I still wonder how they always seem so stiff. They always stick by the rules, and I wonder if they're truly happy. They seem too quiet to ever be elated. But maybe, they don't need to be boisterous to be cheerful. Maybe, they're just satisfied and contented with their diminutive life, which is significant to their society. They all know they're a part of a whole; of something much bigger than just themselves and everything revolving around them. That, itself, is quite fulfilling and gratifying enough. 

Then, I wonder if I'm happy. Am I happy because I have to be, or am I happy because I am? Happiness is different from contentment and vice verse; however, happiness can only be achieved if one is content. How to achieve contentment? It's all in your mindset and your perspective. If you choose to believe that every bad thing would become something positive, and if you believe that everything will get better, you'll know it's not the end and you'll keep going. You'll keep striving to do better, because you can't dwell on every negative thing that comes your way or you might just end up stuck- unable to do anything worthwhile. Residing in the past and filling yourself up with regret is useless and self-destructive. A second you use being sad is a second that could've been used to be happy and productive.

I don't know what exactly came over me to write such a post. But I think I can mostly thank the graffiti in the first photo. I didn't know what "Sa" was so I searched it and it meant difference. It was as if it were telling me to make a difference. I'm different and I must make use of it to help others find their own difference- their own difference. With our own different reasons, we can become differently happy as one. But my guess to achieve pure happiness is purely theoretical and that kind of happiness can only happen by starting with yourself.

Outfit: Sweater: H&M, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Topshop


  1. Absolutely love your stand on being happy. I couldn't agree more!

  2. Perfect lovely:) x

  3. I love that sweater! And those jeans... so jealous. I just found your blog and I'm in love! Followed with GFC x

  4. this is so cool! i loved japan when i went! xx

  5. like they even said happiness is a choice. Waah this made me think a lottt. I joined your site Niña!! Please join mine too ;(

    Midnight Blues

  6. What a poignant blog post, I love these pictures too. I feel like I was traveling with you. Happiness is such a tough topic, thanks for helping me understand it better.



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