We got the World: ICA Fair 2013

Wasn't able to get much photos and videos because I'm in the Fair Committee plus I had two booths to handle, but that didn't stop me from having a great time. It actually helped me have a greater time!

I don't really know what to say anymore except thanks to everyone who contributed to this!
Long overdue, I know but hey, it's sembreak now! *leprechaun dance*

Hope you liked the pictures and enjoy the video! Happy sembreak!

PS: The ones wearing purple are the people from the Fair Committee, so no, we didn't have a "fashion accident".


  1. Even though you said, you didn't had time to shoot many photos, it still looks from the pictures you've got that you had a great time! Having to deal with a lot and still enjoying yourself is rare, so congrats :D

    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Great photos !



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