California Dreaming

Here is the promised vlog I made about my experience as a Junior Counselor in California Summer Camps. I longed for Camp too easily and too quickly. How was I able to do this while getting work done? Simple. (Simple to explain, not to do) a) It rarely felt like work. Or at least my stereotypical meaning of work. b) I just took videos pretending it was a picture (most of the time). I wasn't able to add all the memorable events such as the Disco Party (I was dancing harharhar), the Color Wars games and much much more. I also mixed my session one and session two experiences together but I wasn't able to video much from session one. 

What a humbling and educational (life things) experience this truly was. I'm glad I was a part of California Summer Camps 2013. 

A photo diary soon! Because a lot of people weren't seen in this video. (And if you see me in the video wherein my eyes are red, it's because I, along with other people, cried a lot on the last day. How can one get close so close to other people in two weeks? It's a mystery I won't even try answering and I'll merely accept it.)


The description in the YouTube video in case you miss it:
"It seems as if I get attached too easily and too quickly. It's literally only been yesterday that there was Camp (Today is the 11th of May) and yet it feels so long ago and I'm hoping for a miracle that somehow, I could keep on playing these past four weeks (including the one that started on the 1st of April) on rewind. Quite silly and senseless, I know. I then created a diversion. A video of all the happiness I've had at Camp. I was determined to be able to capture if not all, then most of the joy at Camp. I hope this video somehow puts a smile on your face as well as it did on mine. 

(and yes, this is an actual a job. Unbelievable as it is too fun to be one. I was a Junior Counselor in California Summer Camps)"


  1. haha loved the VLOG!
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  2. Looks like you guys had so much fuuun! :)

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